Local consulting firm FTS is providing a boost to local youth basketball players with new tournament. Youth basketballers are about to get a great opportunity to compete in a new local tournament this summer.

The FTS Youth Basketball Championship will take place May 7th June 30th 2022 at the ARC in Camana Bay.The summer tournament will feature six teams of U18 boys players with plans already in motion to launch a girls tournament later in the year. “Youth sports is an incredible force in the development of young people and I think its value is sometimes underestimated in the Cayman Islands”, said FTS Director Paul Byles. Byles says he’s hoping that this small contribution will serve as a spark to reignite young people’s interest in the sport.

Byles who has served as a volunteer football coach and head of youth development at Academy Sports Club for the past 10 years said that the aim is to assist the local basketball community with the development of the sport with a focus on youth. Local basketball coach and head of Eagle Sports Academy, Ed Pellot-Rosa is serving as technical advisor to the tournament. Coach Ed is the current Men’s National Basketball team Coach and is well respected within the local basketball community. “We are motivated to create a highly competitive pro-growth atmosphere for youth athletes. We have designed the structure of the tournament to excite the next generation of athletes, coaches and fans”, said Coach Ed.

There will be 3 games played every Saturday followed by semi-finals and then finals played over a 3 games series. Byles explained that FTS is also providing uniforms for all the youth teams and will be doing the same for the upcoming girl’s basketball championship. “We are encouraging all local basketball coaches with girls teams to contact us via the website to get organized”, added Coach Ed.

The Cayman Islands Basketball Association will be arranging the officiating for the tournament. The FTS Youth Basketball Champions will kick off on May 7th 2022 and everyone is welcome to attend the games. There will be 3 games played every Saturday. Further information about the tournament and the games schedule can be found via our website.